2014 International Batik Fashion For Women

Chic International batik fashion

2014 international fashion for women batik.
batik clothing has been able to enter the international class, batik fashion much liked and admired by other nations.batik fashion for women probably the most demanding,Batik is a legacy of the Indonesian nation.

Batik is a craft that has high artistic value and has become part of the culture of Indonesia (especially Java) since long. Javanese women in the past made their skills in batik for a living, so in the past batik work is exclusively women’s work until the invention of “Batik Cap” which allows the entry of men into the field. There are some exceptions to this phenomenon, namely the coastal batik masculine lines as can be seen in shades of “Mega Clouds”, which in some coastal areas batik work is common for men.
The tradition of batik was originally a hereditary tradition, so that occasionally a recognizable motif batik originated from a particular family. Some batik may indicate the status of a person. Even today, some traditional ‘batik motif is only used by the family palace of Yogyakarta and Surakarta.

Cirebon batik motif sea creatures
Batik is the ancestral heritage of Indonesia (Java) that until now still exist. Batik is also first introduced to the world by President Suharto, who was then wearing batik at the UN Conference.

Batik is used to wrap around the body by the dancers dance in the palace Bedhoyo Ketawang Java.

and now batik is able to enter the international market and are admired by other nations around the world
The following are some images of international batik fashion

Lurik International batik fashionGreat International batik fashionFashion Show International batik fashionParang Teja Marron International batikBeautiful Danar Hadi International batik fashionBeautiful Kate Middleton International batik fashionElegant International batik fashionEtnic International batik fashionSelebritis International batik fashionNice International batik fashionChic International batik fashion

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